In the mid 1800’s James Wimshurst built His generator that creates a high voltage out of thin air. He doesn’t use magnets to get the voltage out of the air, it is truly 100% Capacitive. The Van de Graaff generator was its predecessor and was highly unpredictable because of the poles shifting from Positive to Negative often without warning. Wimshurst’s design fix that problem, so it can be used to get a Stable Positive and Negative Pole, and energy can be collected Reliably. Here is a MIT Video That Explains the Process. After you watch it Think WHERE IS THE ENERGY STORED?
{I Tried to insert this you tube link but MIT doesn’t wish this to be embedded… If you click on it, it will open in a new tab.}

wimhurst1 Video Link

Well if you Guessed in side the Glass Beaker you are mostly right, it is stored on the surface of the inside and outside of the Glass jar. It is stored as Ions on the surface area of the isolator that’s how capacitors work. They use Static Electricity to Store there Energy, yep its just like rubbing your feet on the Carpet. Now Remember Capacitors Love voltage and Hate Current. Inductors Love Current and Hate Voltage But those will be held for another Post. Here is a charging Diagram Wimshurst_Machine_Charge_Cycle

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