An Alternative-Energy Machine that can run on virtually any type of Fuel

Dean Kamen doesn’t think small. He’s known to most of the world as the inventor of the Segway, but his idea to revolutionize deka-research-stirling-engine transportation is peanuts compared to his other successes in the medical devices field, science and engineering education, and water purification technology. And if that sounds eclectic, it’s only the beginning of Kamen’s far-reaching and ambitious list of projects. The latest is an energy generator that promises cleaner, more flexible and always-available electricity. Kamen already has a prototype version, and he wants to work with the telecommunications industry to make it commercially viable.

So what is Kamen’s great new invention? It doesn’t have a name yet, but Kamen refers to it as a Stirling engine. Stirling engines were introduced in the 19th century, but have had limited practical application since then, largely because of cost issues.


6 thoughts on “An Alternative-Energy Machine that can run on virtually any type of Fuel”

  1. Hello

    Please can you tell me what types of fuel could be used in this other than the usual fossil fuels please?
    Some examples please would be great!


  2. stirling engines have always been more practical than ICEs the problem is one of patience which is in short commodity here in the US, stirling engines are ideally suited for electrical production and have been since their invention but the rise of the oil industry provided a ‘cheap’ fuel for ICEs and they took over because of the push to go faster and because there is a slow build up to a constant speed stirlings werent seen as practical for automobiles which is a false idea since a stirling can use clean fuels to produce constant stable electrical making electric cars practical with a range exceeding 1000miles ‘charge’

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