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100 Kw Pelton Water Wheel: Possible free energy device

in the 1870s Lester Allan Pelton invented The Pelton wheel a water turbine that extracts energy from moving water. Many variations of water turbines existed prior to Pelton’s design, but they were less efficient.Pelton_patent

Because water can’t be compressed, most all of the energy is extracted in the hydraulic turbine. Therefore, Pelton wheels have only one turbine stage, unlike gas turbines that operate with steam. The largest units can be up to 200 megawatts. The smallest Pelton wheels are only a few inches across, and can be used to tap power from mountain streams having flows of a few gallons per minute. Some of these systems use household plumbing fixtures for water delivery. These small units are recommended for use with thirty meters or more of head, in order to generate significant power levels. I have added this video of a self running device that is not using a very efficient water turbine.

Using a Car Alternator to Generate Lots of Energy

Car alternators are great for charging the batteries in cars, but not so good outside the car. The reason for this is in a normal car-alt generator you would have a permanent magnet or several permanent magnets in the armature. The coils of wire collect the magnetic field and turn that into electricity. Car alternators are designed with electro magnets and need voltage from the battery to start to generate electricity. the car engineers have done this so they can turn on the alternator when they need to and off again when the battery is charged and to prevent overcharging the battery. Here are a few videos on how to convert a car alternator so that it can be used in a wind turbine. Installing a strong Neodymium magnet will give a lot more flexibility in power generation.