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Solar heat converted to energy

1937 Jaguar:Electric Vehicle Conversion

1937 Jaguar:Electric Vehicle Conversion1937 Jaguar
This is When Your Vehicle then becomes a truly clean renewable mode of transportation. Efficient electric vehicles can be charged with renewable fuels in a hybrid fashion or off-the-grid via solar charging stations at home. Even paying for the electricty is cheaper than gas nowaday’s.

Solar Stirling Engine:Greenpowerscience

Greenpowerscience has a youtube channel that is great. Dan  has experimented with everything having to do with Solar. In this videogreenpowerscience he has a dc Motor connected to his stirling engine and it does produce voltage and little current, but it shows the potential of solar Heat Conversion into electrical energy.


Solar Collector: Without the Expensive Sun Tracker

039-108-01-fig1 About 5 years ago and inventor figured out how to build a solar concentrator that doesn’t need to follow the sun or need to be adjusted. It works well as a solar Water Heater and could also be used to heat your home in the winter. The average solar dish or solar parabolic needs to be aligned with the sun every 5 minutes or the focus is not on target. Here are a few of the Pic’s he shared.

Works in summer and winter, You A Line East to West  and it dose the rest. In my design I would have 8 to 10 Absorption tubes on the collector to maximize the Heat Transfer. Then I would have the heat directed to a Stirling Engine or an array of Peltier Units to convert the heat to a usable energy.

039-108-01-fig2 In fig 2 it shows the suns rays hitting the Reflector from morning to midDay from angles of 10° to 60° and where the focus will be at those angels. I guess now you would understand Why i would have  8 to 10 Absorption Tubes. Hope this info helps you to build a cleaner Energy Resource.