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Dragonfly Wind Turbine Energy Multiplier 1:4 Gain claimed

From high-tech to low-tech, local inventors are coming out of the woodwork in difficult economic times, marketing their inventions to the world.dragonfly

On the high-technology front, Phillip Ridings of Southaven, a commercial artist by trade who holds several U.S. patents, has been working with engineers in Irvine, Calif. to develop a revolutionary wind turbine designed to produce electrical energy.

Ridings said old-fashioned three-blade wind generation technology has been replaced by sophisticated new revolutionary turbine systems. According to his company’s Web site,, his design is the first tail driven wind turbine and first self-powered wind turbine in the world.

With Ridings’ Dragonfly system, air passes over a specially-designed airfoil as it spins to create electrical energy.

Ridings said the technology behind his Dragonfly wind turbine is designed to be more efficient and eliminate technical problems like metal fatigue that has occurred with other wind harnessing machinery.

“After studying many designs I discovered a way to make a system more efficient, must more cost effective,” Ridings said. “It will pay for itself in less time and produce four times the energy.”

Ridings said his invention could help revolutionize energy production in an age when the world is so heavily dependent on fossil fuels.

A New VAWT Design: For Generating Electricity

A Wind Turbine for your Roof Top. Jonathan Walters at global data research has come up with another great design for a wind VAWT1 turbine.Freedom. We all want it and many of us fight for it on many different levels. However, as in all things freedom has a cost. Here in the U.S.A. the square root of our freedom is access to electricity and clean fresh water. These two requirements of life come at a price, we all must pay for the right to be alive and flourish, and for many of us this does not come cheap enough.

I designed this Wind Engine for three distinct purposes: to allow any person or business who utilizes it as a means to increase autonomy from any “grid” utility system which underpins their safety net in the event of catastrophy; to allow large corporations access to a technology which will enhance their energy production and bottom line; to allow the production of electricity and fresh water in economically depressed areas of the planet.Site home page here is the design info and pricing (sorry for not getting this done earler:2112)

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Wind Turbine DIY: VAWT Designed To Run In Lower Wind Speeds

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Are Great At Low Wind Speedsvawt-2

The advantage of a VAWT is that they utilise space and they start to operate at 3 mile an hour wind. The higher in the air you place them the better the air current is and that goes for the traditional wind turbines also. If you live in a area that has lots of wind a turbine is the way to go. I haven’t seen any large wind turbines that put out the wattage I want and that are economical enough for me so this one is going on the drawing board for a future project. Thanks laidofftomass for posting this on youtube it is one of the Better ones I have seen.