I  Started this blog to help get the word out about Energy Conversion. It has always bothered me that they teach us that “You Can’t Get more energy Out than You Put in” . Well Alpha_Stirling My response  to that is “Then Ex-plane the Sun, Nuclear Weapons, and Refrigerator Magnets”.   They can’t  using the laws they have created. Its really a Lot easier than they make it sound. The Secret is Quite Simple 90 ° (90 degrees), take for instance the Stirling Engine the one here has the pistons at a 90° angle. It takes a heat Source and a Cold Source and turns it into mechanical energy to run Quite a few things, in the early 1800’s an engine built by Stirling was employed pumping water in a Quarry. That was almost 200 years ago. Now we have solar Stirling engine’s that are 80% more efficient than Solar panels



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