The Hydraulic Ram Pump, Hydram, or simply Ram Pump is an automatic pumping device that is capable of pumping water higher than its original source without using electricity or any other power source. hydrolic ram pump

There is always wasted water produced by these units during the delivery phase and is practical to have the unit on the bank of the stream so that the runoff returns to the stream. The wasted water allows gravity to pull the water down the pipe and cause a water hammer action to create the pressure needed to deliver the water to homes or irrigation sprinklers. Ram Pump operation,Water will continue to be delivered after the delivery valve has closed until the compressed air in the air chamber has expanded to a pressure equal to the delivery head. Then suction pulse, with the weight or spring on the valve, pulls the waste valve back open and allows the process to begin again.




Low cost, low flow, home made hydraulic ram pump (no welding required)

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