Markp0177 has now rebuilt his 13 year old generator that is feed by his local stream. This is a 2 phase generator, and the stator that holds the coils is made of epoxy and metal filings/shavings, just like the mixture in JB weld. The metal shavings are ferrous Not Aluminum. Once the epoxy cures in the mold it is removed and the surface is refined. He did this by converting a drill press into a milling machine (Smart man!). Then he wound the first phase, then the second phase using both using 18 gauge wire, 40 turns per coil. The old stator was a larger gage and only had 20 turns per coil. The new stator will produce a higher voltage but lower current. He changed the configuration on the new stator coils, so that it would operate better at a lower speeds. I have placed the video below the steps of the build.


This is the unit complete ready to run. next how the stator is built



This shows the axle that is used, a standard trailer axle.



The casted Stator before milling



During the milling process the top and bottom have been made smooth, now for the sides



This is the final part of the milling process. Making all of the grooves the same for the winding of the coils




Winding the First Phase Coil skipping a groove for the second phase to be wound into.


Now both the first and second phase coils have been wound



Close to complete, he is showing the way the ring of steel that holds the magnets keep the magnetic fields in the generator and direct them in to the stator so that the coils can convert the magnetism into electricity.


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