My Project

My Experimental project was to create a self running generator that created more energy than  it consumed and it was a success until the armature threw it self across the room.. I had two failures at different times on the armature now i have resulted in welding a bolt to the new armature and putting the neo Magnets on the bolts… JB Weld doesn’t hold very good at high speeds.. Here is one of the videos of my Generator. Bear in mind these Video’s were not intended to go to the net but every one is doing it nowadays so…

here is more info on the build. This unit would run for 2.5 weeks on a 36 amp hour 12 volt battery while Charging 3 Sets of 200 amp hour 12 volt batterys. I will have the complete circuit posted soon. still working on the graphics.

I Used John Bedini circuit info to create this generator along with Newman Motor design, here is a copy of John Bedini Circuit. The Coil design is the Rodin Coil. I made the Coils by hand using Mr Rodin’s math.