PicoTurbine Educational Windmill:PDF

The original PicoTurbine Educational Windmill kit is a great way to learn about renewable energyimages
technology. It produces just enough power to light up a small lamp or LED (about 2 volts at 25 milliamps).While it makes for a very cost effective educational experiment, many people have asked for a larger version that is weatherproof and actually produces enough power to be useful. PicoTurbine Deluxe is the answer to this request! While it only costs about three times as much as the little PicoTurbine kit, it is weatherproof and produces about 30 to 50 times as much power as the small version. In fact, the power produced is sufficient to charge NiCad batteries, or with alternative wiring could even provide a 12 volt battery bank a small trickle charge in a good stiff wind.


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