Six Candle power Stirling Engine

six-candle-power-stirling Added PDFs at bottom of post.

Thanks approtechie For posting this to YouTube this is a 6 candle Power Stirling Engine. As in an earlier post I explained that a Stirling Engine takes a heat source and a cold source and converts that into mechanical energy. Ideally you would want to use hydrogen or helium as the gas that fills the engine, because of their ability to absorb and conduct heat but most Stirling engines use the air we breath as the gas medium. The air is heated and it expands then a displacement piston moves the hot air to the cold surface and it contracts causing a vacuum. This moves the displacement piston the other direction and the process starts all over again.

Here is a PDF on Air Engine’s , Plans for small Stirling Engine.

The build

5 thoughts on “Six Candle power Stirling Engine”

  1. Do u want to share this or not ?
    Nobody can make use of this with
    just talk and a picture. We need to know
    how to build this not just look at it.
    There are people that have wood stoves
    hot NOW. I would like to use something like
    this to circulate warm air from the wood stove.
    Are you going to help us or tease us.
    Can we build these energy saving devices
    or is this BS ….. ???

    1. Tom
      I am sorry you are upset and I agree with you. This site today is 3 weeks 1 day old. I do have a full time job and I have been working on this site on all of my free time. The pdf section is coming along and not as fast as I would like. Please give me a bit more time. i will try to focus on the Stirling Engine plans this evening.
      thanks for your input

    2. Tom how about you chill out, and do that simple task that millions do per hour and type this into google… Or open the video on youtube and see if there is a link with directions… Do not be an ass.

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