Solar Collector: Without the Expensive Sun Tracker

039-108-01-fig1 About 5 years ago and inventor figured out how to build a solar concentrator that doesn’t need to follow the sun or need to be adjusted. It works well as a solar Water Heater and could also be used to heat your home in the winter. The average solar dish or solar parabolic needs to be aligned with the sun every 5 minutes or the focus is not on target. Here are a few of the Pic’s he shared.

Works in summer and winter, You A Line East to West  and it dose the rest. In my design I would have 8 to 10 Absorption tubes on the collector to maximize the Heat Transfer. Then I would have the heat directed to a Stirling Engine or an array of Peltier Units to convert the heat to a usable energy.

039-108-01-fig2 In fig 2 it shows the suns rays hitting the Reflector from morning to midDay from angles of 10° to 60° and where the focus will be at those angels. I guess now you would understand Why i would have  8 to 10 Absorption Tubes. Hope this info helps you to build a cleaner Energy Resource.


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  1. ~ beg pardon, Dan Lightfoot, a native American living in the Iowa City, Iowa vicinity, patented this exact concept in the early 1970s. [as documented in 7/4/76 DesMoines article] called the Hotline collector, there were dozens of dealers across the USA for the production run by the licensed manufacturer, NRG Ltd. of Coralville, Iowa. the absorption tube may pass liquid or air as its heat transfer fluid. [yes, air is a ‘fluid’] i can easily look up the patent info or contact the inventor’s legal representatives.
    if someone is interested in the facts i have a several copies of the marketing brochure and all other applicable data.

    1. yes i would like to promote his product please send the that info. So that he can get credit for this.

    2. Yes, many times we have great ideas that are very much equivalent to the ideas of others. Way to go for helping a brother out. 🙂

        1. You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write.
          The arena hopes for more passionate writers like
          you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always
          follow your heart.

    3. Beg your pardon but the link to Lightfoot’s info is included. You people need to learn how to read and click.

      1. I have seen coke, beer whatever cans used for this purpose. They must be painted black for them to work. Very cost effective alternative for the do ot your selfers

    1. I have only seen pictures of a working device. The ones I saw were 18-24 inch tall and 8-10 feet long. The inventor had them mounted on the side of his house and was using them for heating water. This was about 4-5 years ago and I have been looking for the original inventor for the past two weeks, and have had no luck finding him or the original post. These never went into mass production.

  2. Could you include the sources of this? No idea why is not there, feels like intentially obscuring info.

    1. Sorry about that one of my readers sent me the link yesterday it is in the comments section it will be in the article today. it is on my punch list to get done.

  3. Notice that in every one of the three diagrams, the suns rays go THROUGH the collector tube, to be reflected back onto the tube, which must now be opaque to absorb energy. THAT’S inventive!

  4. There was an article in Popular Science or Popular Mechanics 15 to 20 years ago (years flow together as we get older) that described a collector attached to the side of a bar? in Georgia?. The idea has intrigued me for many years. Now that I am retired I’m considering adding a collector to the south side of my shop and tying it into the radiant floor heating system.

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