In the Field of the Invention Steam generators have been in use for many years. Such generators have primarily employed burnable fuels to raise the temperature of a body of water until the watersteamrotor changes into steam. The uses of steam generators have been many. Many building heating systems employ steam as the heating medium. Many chemical processes employ steam to produce certain chemical reactions. Some of these use the steam as a source of heat or to contribute to the reaction while others use the steam as a catalyst to promote the desired reactions. Many physical problems are aided by the use of live steam. For example, certain types of mining operations employ steam to expedite the removal of minerals from the ground. Also, in the drilling for petroleum and gas it is often desired to use live steam to cause the start of the upward discharge of these liquids and gases once pockets of them have been reached by drilling.

It is concluded that steam generation the past have been useful and will continue to be useful in the future especially if a more economical steam generator is available. The steam generator of this present invention is such an economical device.






Summary of the InventionĀ 

A principal object of the present invention is to provide a novel steam generator.

An important object of this invention is to provide a novel device to produce and intensify a series of water hammers within a distended body of water to thereupon substantially raise the temperature and pressure of such water.

Still another important object of this invention is to provide a device as set forth in the preceding object in which the water hammer is caused by alternating forces — first a centrifugal action and second a vacuum action — causing the body of water to be first pulled in one direction and then to snap back in an opposite direction.

Another and still further important object of this invention is to provide a device of the preceding two object in which the distended body of water includes at least one closed bottom passageway in which the movement of water therein is suddenly extinguished and in which the snapping back and forth action of the water column occurs to thereby intentionally impart a water hammer to the body of water so that a portion thereof is continuously converted to live steam.

Other and further important object and advantages will become apparent from the disclosures in the following specifications and accompanying drawings.

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