Super Capacitors Replace Car Battery

The technology is here to do away with the lead acid battery. In this video lasersaber has replaced his car battery with an array of super capacitors andsupercapacitor runs a few tests. The uses could be limitless. Solar panels could recharge these quicker than battery’s and provide greater efficiency to storing power. looking forward to seeing more Updates on YouTube from Lasersaber in regards to super capacitors.

13 thoughts on “Super Capacitors Replace Car Battery”

  1. Awesome work!
    What are all of the negatives? Or at least what can some of the negatives be for the “general population” and “typical uses” and driving habits?
    At least in comparison to regular car batteries.

  2. I’m at work, so no time to watch the youtube video, but is there a reason to use 3000f caps? Is it possible to use 500f caps at 2.7 volts?

    1. yes you would need more of them though and it would be a series parallel circuit so that you would end up with 36 supercaps total. 6 sets in parallel of 6 in supercaps series.

  3. Excellent! I remember firing up my old Triumph bike with a capacitor, 30 years ago. I need to source these caps in the UK. Thanks for the epiphany!

  4. Just curious, is it possible to use these to make an electric engine? I would like to buy a motorhome some day but they use a ton of gas. If I could use electric power instead of petroleum to power it that would be hella cool

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