Tesla Circuit, the parts are antenna, capacitor, on-off switch, transformer, and load.

One of the most Important and Forgotten hero’s of our time. He is the inventor of AC motor and Polly-phase motors and Of course the Tesla Coil. Which is both a transmitter and a receiver. Here is one of his Patents look it over and I shall help Explain it below in terms that we all can understand.


the antenna part of the circuit


The Ground is the earth


This is an on off Switch

Antenna is the air part of the circuit, the further from the ground you have it the higher the voltage will become. The Ground part of the circuit is the negative side of the circuit, literally the ground, the deeper in the ground it is the better, also if the ground is wet it works even better. The circuit controller, basicly this is an on and off switch. The amount of times per second it is turned on and off is the Frequency or hertz. The capacitor is what stores the electricity from the antenna while the switch is in the OFF position. Capacitors Love voltage and Hate Current. The inductor or Transformer is a coil of wire, or coils of wire. Inductors LOVE Current and Hate Voltage, when the voltage changes in a coil of wire magnetic waves are created.


The Capacitor is a storage Container for Voltage

A Capacitor is made of just 3 things. Two conductive plates and One Insulator. The plates must never touch each other,


A leyden jar is a a capacitor

for if they do they equal each other. Electrically speaking that is. There must be a insulator between the plates, glass and plastic are great insulators. A Leyden Jar is just a capacitor with a different name. Here is a picture of how to create one. They have been used for couple century now. Another important piece of info is that the Antenna in the picture is a Plate. One of the reasons a capacitor can store an electric charge is the surface area of the plate. The more surface area the more electric charge collected. The closer the plates are the more Electric charge. The charge is Stored with static Electricity or Static Ions on the surface of the INSULATOR, the Glass Holds the Charge Not the Plate. The plate is a conductor it likes to move Ions from a positive  influence to a negative.


The transformer changes a voltage into a higher or lower voltage.

A transformer takes a voltage from the capacitor and changes it in to a voltage and current. Most of the Transformers that we use today here in the USA use a Frequency of 60 Hertz. With out the frequency change no magnetic influence would happen and energy would be 100% wasted. To have a transformer work the voltage has to change to create magnetic wave that is picked up in the secondary coil and used in the load for power. The load is what ever you are trying to power.

Tesla knew that static electricity in the atmosphere could be converted into usable energy. He could have provided the whole world with free energy and was stopped by the one’s that wanted to make a profit form it.

The reason I picked this circuit is it is small and simple. Each of the parts could be scaled up to suit your needs. In most of my posts I give a hint to each of the parts and possible replacement of the parts for more efficient one’s. Most of the products we use waste energy do to their design, big energy wants us to remain consumers.