The Energy Around us

The standing wave of a electric circuit is the same as these Dolphin Rings Underwater. The building and collapseing of these dolphins
magnetic waves cause a resonice effect in the circuit. That is where the zero point comes in, if you find your device running cold be carfull of a huge potential. The ether is like the water and the radio waves are the rings they always return to the transmition point. You Capture the energy from the collapsing transmition back into the capasitive side of the circuit.

Matter is energy at rest. So yes it is all around us in every form imaginable seen and unseen. The Great Nikola Tesla Webthesewavesknew all about the unseen part. Ions we call electrical energy are always seeking balance moving here and there. The only trick is to create a circuit that is in harmony with the waves/ion partials in the space around us.

Waves, let us talk about those for a bit. Waves in the ocean are comparable to the magnetic waves that we are trying to capture. While in a large boat or ship the waves don’t effect the vessel much as long as they are small. The circuit is the ship, as long as the ship is above the water it is serving it’s purpose, if it sinks it is like the circuit burning out. The waves travel on the surface of the water and along  the outside of the ship. This is the same for magnetic waves they travel on the outside of the wire this is called the skin effect. The skin effect causes the electrons in the metal to move and some leave there orbit running to both ends of the wire. Waves move up  and down this is liken to AC electricity, and if you watch them they are mostly all the same size and distance apart this is the frequency. The vessel hull would be the wave guide, as it guides the waves around the sailors. The antenna is a wave guide, it collects the wave and moves it where it needs to go, ether in to, or out from the circuit.

To push the ship along the sail is used, wind  is also a wave but instead of being liquid it is a gas. The sail try’s  to stop spectrumthe wind. This Wind wave is much longer in frequency than the waves in the ocean. The energy collected from the sail is not stored it is used immediately.

Our prime objective is to store the energy for use later. So now we can see that there are all types of waves. We will now look at a diagram that will put these waves into perspective.

Waves are all around us. The light spectrum are waves we can see, they fall between Radar and X-rays. You not only can see the Waves but you can feel them. Sound waves are not on this Chart they are low in comparison to light waves. If your wandering about the numbers they are the length of the waves measured in nanometres,a nanometer is simply 1 m / 1,000,000,000 of a meter.

If light and magnetic waves have already been used to create electricity then, What are we missing?

More to Come