The UBUNTU Movement is part of the Global Energy Movement and we have a very good understanding of what is going on in the world of energy supply. It is the most fiercely guarded sector of our planet. Any one that threatens to upset this control is swiftly removed. But free, alternative and renewable energy has been discovered and presented to the world many times in human history. The most famous example is that of Nikola Tesla – who was funded by JP Morgan – one of the global banking elite and founder of the Federal Reserve System in the USA in 1913. Morgan was the one that destroyed all of Tesla’s research and credibility because the energy source that the brilliant inventor gave to the world for FREE – could not be metered. And so Morgan realised that he would not be able to charge people for the consumptions of electricity and decided to throw his lot in with Eddison, who did exactly what he was told. Many have tried to recreate Telsa’s radiant energy that could power everything imaginable – from cars, homes, boats to aeroplanes, but so far no one seems to have succeeded. Or have they?ubuntuparty
There are thousands of scientists and inventors who have developed Free Energy devices, but they fear for their lives as they have seen many colleagues being bribed, silenced, threatened and even killed for the devices. Once these scientists know that the environment is safe to show off their inventions, they will come out in their thousands to give the world such technology for free.

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