fuelcell Running Internal Combustion Engines on Water produces no carbon emissions the buy product is nothing more than water / steam. It is Great for the environment and is quite plentiful here on our planet. Stan Myers did this back in the 1990’s and found he could go from California to New York on 22 Gallons of water. That means there is about 3 times the energy in the water than in Fossil Fuels. This system could incorporate all wastes that are produced from the vehicle such as the condensation produced from the AC unit and recycle it in to fuel tank.

2 thoughts on “TRUCK RUNS 100 % on WATER NOT on GASOLINE”

  1. This is great guys we are building an off grid natural health and wellbeing clinic in Spain which will include courses on natural energy production and building techniques to help the planet . We would love to use this technology for fuelling our vehicles and build a generator in this way. We will donate to you and be back it touch soon.

    Good luck best wishes and loads of love Yvonne

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