Using a Car Alternator to Generate Lots of Energy

Car alternators are great for charging the batteries in cars, but not so good outside the car. The reason for this is in a normal car-alt generator you would have a permanent magnet or several permanent magnets in the armature. The coils of wire collect the magnetic field and turn that into electricity. Car alternators are designed with electro magnets and need voltage from the battery to start to generate electricity. the car engineers have done this so they can turn on the alternator when they need to and off again when the battery is charged and to prevent overcharging the battery. Here are a few videos on how to convert a car alternator so that it can be used in a wind turbine. Installing a strong Neodymium magnet will give a lot more flexibility in power generation.



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    1. I would essentially make a wind turbine but attach a water wheel rather than fan blades.
      if you can only get the fan blades i would put it facing up river only partialy submerged it would have less power output but still better than nothing.

    2. Use an old washing machine for a hydroelectric powerplant!

      You need the induction motor, that is what converts the energy to useable electrical

  1. Just fyi. If you get a o shaped neo magnet, remove the insides of the rotor of the alternator. You can align the magnet in the same direction with the way the coil was would N-S, and put it inside the rotor and close it all back up. I’ve seen it get 10 times more power this way. Make sure it faces the right direction. Google it for directions. I saw a guy do it who hails from Poland. He never shows working model, but claims to have info on making better than he’s doing on the vid at his website, if you’re interested. But I know it works cutting lines of force the same as a the original rotor but better.


    1. I have seen this in action – we were doing some testing & my friend had those magnets, put it on a generator & it did produce much more power (I can’t remember the exact numbers, but around 3-5 volts?). However, we were disappointed w/ how much air flow/generator speed was required for our little test and we moved onto other projects.

  2. Agustin Llanes – I think that it depends some on the river, does it flow 365? is it fast? is it deep? problems with debris?
    The first thing that comes to mind is a water wheel system, which would be a solid support on shore with a paddle wheel suspended over the water on a drive shaft leading to a gear which in turn has a chain drive going to the generator, which would have another gear. You could set it up with multiple gears like on a bicycle to increase the speed of the generator.
    The other would take (5) 5 gal buckets. Two filled with concrete with large eye bolts mounted in them and set on the bottom of the river. Then two sealed and floating on the surface above the ones on the bottom and all four cabled together to create a square. The final 5 gal bucket would have the end cut out and mounted in the middle of the four but underwater. The one in the middle would be used as the housing for a boat propeller on a shaft mounted to a swivel gear drive which would lead to shore and a generator, or float the generator above the propeller in a sealed box….just a couple ideas that come to mind……Ooohh what would be really cool would be a vortex shaft mounted inside of a floating tube anchored to the bottom by a concrete block…If you added fins to the end of the floating tube it would be able to keep a perfect direction with the water flow.

  3. You need to collect the water in a small reservoir, funnel it down to a small opening to turn the water wheel. The flow of the river would turn it too slow.

  4. what kind of power output could you expect from one of these? eg. what kind of devices/appliances could you run off it?

  5. I used to be able to download these video’s but can’t now so is there a PDF or a single file I can download? I only come into town to get info so sitting in town is not going to help if I can’t watch it while at home.

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