In a Wimshurst machine, the two insulated discs and their metal sectors rotate in opposite directions passing the crossed metal neutralizer bars and their brushes. An imbalance of charges is induced, amplified, and collected by two pairs of metal combs with points placed near the surfaces of each disk. These collectors are mounted on insulating supports and connected to the output terminals. The positive feedback increases the accumulating charges exponentially until the dielectric breakdown voltage of the air is reached and an electric spark jumps across the gap.

This can be the power source for a tesla coil and be utilized to transmit wireless energy.


This is a diagram Showing the opperation








I am personalty building one, at this time

ion colector unit one with magnetic drive

recycle ordinary trash into hi-voltage capacitors.

here is video on the current build

Demonstration of a dissectible capacitor or dissectible Leyden jar and an explanation of how it works. I charge it up to a high voltage using a Wimshurst machine and then take it apart. When I do, the voltage on the plates rises and, through ionization, charge moves from the plates to the dielectric container. This leaves the plates mostly discharged. I can even touch the plates together, to prove they’re discharged. When I reassemble the capacitor/Leyden jar, the charge is still on the dielectric and so I get a spark.


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