Wind Turbine DIY: VAWT Designed To Run In Lower Wind Speeds

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Are Great At Low Wind Speedsvawt-2

The advantage of a VAWT is that they utilise space and they start to operate at 3 mile an hour wind. The higher in the air you place them the better the air current is and that goes for the traditional wind turbines also. If you live in a area that has lots of wind a turbine is the way to go. I haven’t seen any large wind turbines that put out the wattage I want and that are economical enough for me so this one is going on the drawing board for a future project. Thanks¬†laidofftomass¬†for posting this on youtube it is one of the Better ones I have seen.

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  1. I love it but there are no instructions or parts list, just a look at he finished product. Show us more!

    1. The inventor is calling out for machine shops to sign up and to start the build. he is selling the plans on his site but there is a non disclosure agreement to sign. i haven’t bought his plans or signed the agreement, so this is the secret he doesn’t wish to share. the white side reverses the air travel while the black side does not, causing it to spin in the right direction.

  2. Yeah, no plans or estimate of electrical output–like how many of these would it take to supply a small house with its electricity needs. It sure looks great, though.

  3. Seems to me this would be safer for migrating birds. It’s visual size and volume would be something easy for them to avoid and in areas of high risk, a large surrounding cage of something like chicken wire could eliminate the main objection to such projects by environmentalists

  4. So some of the coments.

    No stats on the power output: the turbine in this photo is no connected to a generator there for the prototype is yet to make power no stats exist.

    Plans design: 3/4 inch plywood, 1 2 inch metal pole, bushings and other rigging for free spinning. Add to this a cut down 2 foot diameter pvc pipe and wala you have this “very efficient” system.

    NDA bla bla bla. : Don’t give this guy money the video is done without load to the system. adding the motor/generator with transfere will significantly restrict the movement of this system there is no real engineering on this at all as the creator has no tested any thing but the turbine itself. This is a good design to begin the process but will not be a good one for end product. total parts for this one are cheap but again you will have to buy a motor to attach to the system to generate power. then if you did not get the regulator power bypass with the motor you will have to buy that.

    Bravo for DIY but this is unfinished at the best

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